Seat Kills

“Seat Kill” banners are banners made from PVC mesh or fabric that have been increasingly used in sports stadiums during televised elite sports events held in empty stadiums due to restrictions.

These banners serve multiple purposes in the absence of live spectators. Firstly, they provide an opportunity for rights-holders and event organizers to maximize brand exposure for their commercial partners. By displaying sponsor logos, advertisements, or branding on the banners, they create visibility and promotional opportunities that would typically be seen by the attending audience. The banners are typically made from PVC mesh or fabric, a durable material that can be printed with customized designs and logos. This flexibility allows for banners to be tailored to specific sizes and shapes, ensuring they can fit within the stadium architecture and be prominently displayed.

By leveraging the empty stands, these seats kill banners offer a way for sports organizations and sponsors to maintain a level of engagement and visibility despite the absence of live spectators. They serve as a creative solution to maximize branding opportunities and convey messaging during televised events.