Interior & Exterior branding
ELAN Print specializes in transforming spaces, may it be interior or exterior, into immersive experiences that align with your brand’s vision and values. Interior and exterior branding are two aspects of a comprehensive branding strategy to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience for customers.

Here are some examples of interior and exterior branding:

Interior Branding

1.     Wall Graphics and Murals: Large-scale printed graphics or murals can be applied to interior walls, showcasing brand imagery, taglines, or creative designs that align with the brand’s identity.

2.     Posters and Banners: Posters and banners can be strategically placed within the interior space to highlight promotional offers, new products, or brand values. They can be used in specific areas such as entrances, point-of-sale locations, or near relevant product displays.

3.     Floor Graphics: Printed vinyl or laminated floor graphics can be utilized to guide customers, create brand engagement, or highlight specific areas or products within the space.

4.     Window Decals: Transparent or semi-transparent window decals can be applied to display brand logos, taglines, or promotional messages. They can be used to enhance privacy, provide information, or attract attention from passersby.

Exterior Branding

1.     Outdoor Banners and Flags: Large printed banners or flags can be displayed outside the business premises to create brand visibility, announce events, or promote seasonal campaigns. They are often used near entrances, along sidewalks, or in outdoor seating areas.

2.     Building Wraps: Building wraps are large-scale printed graphics or vinyl wraps that cover the exterior surfaces of buildings. They can transform the appearance of the building, convey brand messages, or promote special events.

3.     Vehicle Wraps: If your business uses company vehicles or delivery vehicles, wrapping them with printed graphics that feature the brand’s logo, colors, and key messages can turn them into moving billboards, increasing brand exposure.

4.     Window Graphics: Window graphics can be applied to the exterior windows, displaying branding elements such as logos, product images, or promotional messages. They can be seen by people passing by the business, drawing attention, and creating brand recognition.

5.     Signage: Printed signs, such as storefront signs, directional signs, or illuminated signs, are essential for exterior branding. They help customers locate the business, reinforce brand identity, and provide a professional appearance.

Interior and exterior branding materials should be designed with the brand’s visual identity in mind, ensuring consistency with the overall brand image. ELAN print can ensure high-quality printing and proper installation to maintain the durability and visual impact of these materials over time.