Chi Al Shaqab & Longines Event Case Study

Discover how Elan Print helped Al Shaqab put on a world-class show and fly the international events flag for Qatar.

Client: Al Shaqab – a member of Qatar Foundation

Business type: Equestrian sport

Product area:  Venue branding & Wayfinding

The client:

Al Shaqab is a global equine leader passionately committed to preserving Qatar’s heritage by promoting the Arabian horse and setting the highest standards in horse welfare, breeding, equine education, and research, while developing, integrating, and optimizing utilization of assets and human capital towards creating a self-sustainable entity and engaging the community.

The Task:

Al Shaqab was to host the world’s greatest equestrian stars in the spectacular Commercial Bank Chi Al Shaqab event – the 8th in the annual series presented by Longines – one of only five CHI competitions worldwide and the first and only equestrian event of its kind in the Middle East and Asia. The event, to run from February 25-27, would feature a premier contingent of 85 riders from 27 countries who would compete across the Olympic disciplines of show jumping, dressage, and para-dressage.

Although in line with the Ministry of Public Health’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, the impressive Longines Indoor Arena host venue was to be restricted to 10 percent of its capacity, the event would be closely followed by global equestrian sports fan who could follow all the action live on Al Kass TV and beIN Sports or via live-streaming on Al Shaqab’s website,

At stake was Al Shaqab’s and Qatar’s reputations as world-class operators in promoting the Arabian horse and equine welfare and the staging of major international events. The client wished to reflect its best-in-class credentials through the highest quality signage and wayfaring.


Scope of bid:

The scope of the actual bid, which had to be submitted by December 24, 2020, covered a comprehensive range of over 140 signage and branding requirements which would lend themselves to best-in-class events photography and live TV/online coverage, and ensure clarity of COVID prevention protocols for participants and spectators alike. These included the fabrication and installation of branding and way fare signage covering: external and internal railings; athlete/spectator partitions, outdoor arena arches; stone walls, arena backdrops; outdoor screens, vehicle branding, indoor arena pillars, stages, bollards and kickboards, entrances, bridges, airport promotional, lollipops, official lounges, press conference rooms, outdoor promotional flags, parking, seating, hanging banners, podiums, toilet signage, Ministry of Public Health guidance signage and COVID testing availability signage.

The Solution:

Bringing to bear its extensive expertise in venue and sports relation branding and conscious of the importance of the event to Qatar’s international reputation for global sporting event as well as wishing to contribute to the country’s 2030 national vision, Elan Print accepted the invitation to bid. With artwork being provided by the client, the Elan Print team drew on its knowledge, experience, and advanced in-house production systems to draft a detailed production/supply and installation proposal using a mix of branding/installation solutions. Polywoven fabric was selected for the branding due to high tension, high resolution, dye sublimated capabilities and flexibility to deliver a frameless, ‘wall-like’ appearance. The fabric would not crease or sag and allow for graphics to be printed in a single, seamless piece. As the branding would be subject to photography and camera work, the fabric choice would rule out glare as it absorbs camera ‘flash’ rather than reflect it giving a quality impression. The fabric choice also rules out waste as the material saturate ink preventing leakage.

Various mounting solutions were chosen depending upon individual situations. These included:

External & internal railings: zip-ties, 3mm cables and turn buckles.

Athlete/spectator partition/outdoor arena arches & pillars: solto frame with double side tape.

Stone wall branding: mounted on existing lumber frame with solto frame & screws.

Kiss & Cry: mounted on steel structure with existing solto extrusion fastened with self-tapping screws.

Backdrops: TS Mode with gripp & counterweights

Indoor arena kickboards: solto frame fastened on existing wooden wall with self-tapping screws.

Indoor arena pillar wraps: mounted on existing wall/cladding with solto extrusion fastened with double sided tape.

Disciple signs: Mounted on 3mm sintraboard with double-sided tape.

Indoor LED screens: mounted on existing LED structure with lumber frames.

Wayfaring signage: installation of Greyback sticker with Matte Lamination on Forex Board,

On-time Delivery:

With bid acceptance being received on February 1, 2021, the Elan Print team quickly mobilised for a hectic production and installation project which would start on February 9 and be delivered on time and on budget in less than three weeks.


We received good feedback from the client with an extensive photo-shoot of all deliverables justifying our material choices for their ‘flash’ absorption abilities. The leading equestrian sport website ‘’ described photographic coverage of the event as “stunning images.”

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